Hey yo Nintendo: Switch 3rd party support

In this episode of Hey yo Nintendo, i discuss nintendos history present and future plans for third party support, whether it be indie games or AAA titles. will games like borderlands 3, Destiny 2, call of duty world war 2 come to the switch? Click the link to see why or why not!


Nintendoandy is e3 bound!

After years of dreaming and countless hours of work, Ive finally beat zelda breath of the wild! Oh, and am also getting a chance to go to the most exciting videogame confrence, the Electronic Entertainment Expo or E3! What tricks will nintendo have up its sleeve? what new switch games will be shown? Well soon find out!

Thanks for all of those who have supported this channel.

Nintendo unveils its E3 plans!

Today Nintendo tweeted its e3 plans for upcoming switch and 3ds games. on june 13th it will have a “Nintendo spotlight” possibly through a direct, on its upcoming games, with the main game being super Mario odyssey. After that they will show Nintendo treehouse live which they always play and demonstrate the newest Nintendo titles. They will also have a live tournament of splatoon 2 and ARMS. I can not wait for e3, it will certainly be a year to remember for Nintendo.


Upcoming switch game RIME lowers digital price from 39.99 to 29.99

Greybox, the publishers to the upcoming Nintendo switch game RIME, announced today that they will be changing the digital price of the game to 29.99. A decision they came to after the massive amounts of complaints(me included.) The physical purchase price is still 40.00, however it does come with a code to download the entire soundtrack. They will be selling the soundtrack separately for 10.00 so its a good value.

I think this is a great decision and it shows the developer does care about its switch consumer base. I feel this will change a lot of opinions about RIME and Greybox, here’s hoping the game is good!



The legend of zelda: Breath of the wild DLC heros path mode video

Below is a video demonstrating heroes path, pretty neat. As i expected it looks like a plate of spaghetti. From what we know Heroes path will only be available to those who purchase the DLC, and will be retroactive so it will show the last 200 hours of gametime. The dlc will hot both wiiu and switch versions of breath of the wild, and is due sometime in the summer with no exact realeasse date as of yet from nintendo.

Hey yo Nintendo! Episode 2: Switch coinage

(link below)Hey yo nintendo is a weekly show where i discuss nintendo news, games and everything thats going on with nintendo. In this episode of hey yo nintendo, i discuss my mario kart 8 deluxe impressions, zelda breath of the wild dlc, arms characters, rumored switch games including final fantasy remake.


COD WW: II Ad claims to be coming out on Nintendo switch


*EDIT: another Twitter pointed out it could be the way that company lays out all of their emails, so sadly, until this point, theres nothing that says the next COD will be coming to the switch.

user https://twitter.com/sknygy/status/859486090893328384*


This comes from a user on Twitter who received an email listing Nintendo switch being on of the consoles supporting the upcoming Activision game Call of duty: world war 2.


Is this a mistake? is this fake? who knows, but if it’s true that could mean the very first AAA 3rd party title coming to the switch. And that would be great news for switch owners.