Hey yo Nintendo: Switch 3rd party support

In this episode of Hey yo Nintendo, i discuss nintendos history present and future plans for third party support, whether it be indie games or AAA titles. will games like borderlands 3, Destiny 2, call of duty world war 2 come to the switch? Click the link to see why or why not!


Nintendoandy is e3 bound!

After years of dreaming and countless hours of work, Ive finally beat zelda breath of the wild! Oh, and am also getting a chance to go to the most exciting videogame confrence, the Electronic Entertainment Expo or E3! What tricks will nintendo have up its sleeve? what new switch games will be shown? Well soon find out!

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Hey yo Nintendo! Episode 2: Switch coinage

(link below)Hey yo nintendo is a weekly show where i discuss nintendo news, games and everything thats going on with nintendo. In this episode of hey yo nintendo, i discuss my mario kart 8 deluxe impressions, zelda breath of the wild dlc, arms characters, rumored switch games including final fantasy remake.



direct download of the Audio version of the show found here  http://traffic.libsyn.com/nintendosuperpodcast/hey_yo_nintendo_episode_1.m4a

Thanks for stopping by, HEY YO NINTENDO is a new show where we discuss all things Nintendo, games, news and rumors. tonight ill be discussing legend of Zelda breath of the wild, Mario kart 8 deluxe, nindies, final fantasy 7 remake, 3rd party developers and much much more!

Nintendo switch launch review, Does zelda deserve all 10s?


Does the switch live up to the hype? I share my thoughts in this Nintendo switch launch review! Does zelda: Breath of the wild deserve the accolades and 1os?

I apoligize for the sound quality also,i messed up the video while editing, so i missed a game, SNIPPERCLIPS! AMAZING 8.5/10! great puzzle game, super silly and a blast to play 2-4 players, its only 20 bucks and you get tons of content. Join me and the rest of the NINTENDO SUPER PODCAST show every week, usually posted on andres restart youtube page.


ZSMS: PANP nintendo switch parody


you only need two reasons to buy the nintendo switch!

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Nintendo super podcast episode 4: Metroid prime on switch?, FE:heroes, superbowl ad

(click on download this episode)
Nintendo Super podcast! is comprised of:
Andres from andres restart https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCvA9RiP4JwuO77dVPTgezYA
and me, andy!
In this episode we go over the recent rumor about Metroid on the Nintendo switch, we talk about fire emblem heroes, the superbowl commercial for the Nintendo switch, and much much more Nintendo goodness!