Mr. shifty review

Get shifty faced

Mr shify was a welcomed surprise when they announced it in a nintendo direct as part of a line of indie games coming to the new nintendo switch. The concept  is simple, a beat em up with a light twist, you have teleporting powers. Think of nightcrawler from x-men. Although it’s a short game, overall its a blast to play, and ill tell you why.


Visuals are fine but nothing fantastic in mr shifty. The enviroments sort of look the same, i feel that even though it wouldnt have made a lot of sense in the real world, the developers could have capitalized on the “every floor is a diffrent level” idea and made them truly unique looking.

Use your teleportation powers to confuse your enemies

The character animations are smooth for the most part. The overhead locked camera does not really give you a chance to see any of the character models or textures up close. There are times when the action gets intense like when theres lots of explosions, shooting and teleporting. It’s in these moments where its almost pleasant to see all the chaos on one screen. The downside to that is thats also where Mr shifty gets a bit choppy, the fps drops are bad, and they happen often, hopefully tinybuild can fix this with an update.


Mr. shifty’s gameplay revolves around you teleporting around obstacles(doors, walls,columns) and enemies to gain the upperhand against them. Armed with nothing but your fists, you have to go against enemies with pistols, swords,machine guns, and even rocket launchers. You can pick up melee weapons along the way although most break after using them a few times(theres a certain weapon that dosent break, but i find its more of a bug then intentional).

There are times you have to strategize your moves

The game has you going up  Teleporting might seem simple but its surprisingly very fun to do. You have a gauge of sorts that limits the times you port, you can port up to five times in quick succession, although the gauge does refill slowly so if you time it well, you can keep porting without having to run out of them. If you do use all of them, your gauge takes a moment to completley refill(similar to legend of zelda breath of the wilds stamina). This game mechanic has you using your teleporting powers more strategically, if you try to spam them you will get in trouble fast. This is where tinybuild did a fantastic job in this game, the balance between choosing when to fight, port or run away feels great and gives you the freedom to plan an attack however you want to. The hd rumble is present although i didnt really notice it being fantastic. It does the job well and makes you feel every punch and explosion.


Mr shiftys sound effects are pretty good. Voice acting is absent, except for the grunts and screams from the enemies. The music is fine, nothing that stands out to me, a lot of rock themed music that fits quite well with the action.



Those looking for budget a fast paced action game should look no further. At 15.00 Mr shifty is quite a neat little game that should be played by those who own a switch and are looking for something to fill in the time between the big releases, however do not expect a incredibly polished game as it can be quite bland at times, and also has bad fps drops.


THE GOOD: fast paced action that’s fun

THE BAD: FPS drops are often and pretty bad

THE UGLY: enemy death animations look like their having seizures

Blaster Master Zero Review

Tank you very much

Time fly’s by when you’re having fun, no kidding. At the time of writing It’s been a full month since the Nintendo switch launched. And while Zelda breath if the wild is an amazing game, there’s only so much entertainment one game can give you. But what else is out there that’s worth the time? Fortunate for us switch owners, we were given a great little gem in Blaster Master Zero, a remake of a classic NES action/adventure game. This one came a bit unexpected, as we didn’t know about this game until just a couple if weeks before the switches launch. In blaster master zero you play as Jason Frudnick, a young robitic

Screenshot (21)
Jason has various weapons at his disposal

engineer who stumbles across a super robot tank named sofia 3. He has to use it to rid the world of a space mutant take over. You can exit sofia anytime and enter dungeons only meant for jason as you explore and fight on 8 varied levels and along the way earn powerups for you and Sofia 3.



The original blaster master was limited due to 8 bit graphics of the NES. They went with a 16 bit look for zero and it looks great. When you in your tank and in the over world, everything is in 2d. The animation of your tank, SOPHIA 3 is smooth and really pops out. When you enter a dungeon the camera angle changes to an overhead view a bit

Boss battles are pretty epic

reminiscent of games like link to the past and mystical ninja for the SNES. In this mode, Jasons sprite looks detailed but overall a bit more stiff then his tank counterpart. The enemy sprites look good, and the bosses look even better. Overall they did a fantastic job with the look of Zero.



Gameplay is centered around exploring the post apocalyptic earth as you search for upgrades for Sofia 3 and yourself. The game does a great job ofScreenshot (23) making you feel powerful while your in Sofia 3, but Jasons no slouch himself, his laser gun is able to use unique types of ammo, giving Jason an array of different weapons to wield. From a flame thrower to a shot gun, and more. The downside to this is that he can lose these weapons as he takes damage, but you can quickly recover them as you defeat enemies or find power ups. This can be a bit of a bummer if you have lost most of your weapons and have to exit the dungeon to replenish before taking on the boss, however the game is generous with its drops, so its not a problem i personally ran into a lot.  Its also worth to note that Jason can only use them while in a dungeon and while he can still attack outside its just a basic weapon, although with an awesome robotic tank, you wont need it much.  The movement of freedom from upgrading Sofia 3 is fantastic and makes it a blast to just zoom around.

You might find a lot of familiarity with other NES games

You also find different primary and sub weapons, these make killing enemies a lot easier and in turn a lot of fun. Bosses are plentiful in this game for both the outside and dungeon modes.  I will say i found that they could have made the bosses a bit more challenging as i found myself tearing through them.



I found the music to be incredibly catchy and well done, the original blaster master was lauded for its soundtrack and Inti Creates did a great job of remixing the tracks and giving them life again. The sound effects are fine, nothing that really stands out, but nothing bad either.



Yes, this game actually has a story, albeit it a shallow and short one, but the game itself is short. I don’t expect much of a story for these types of games coming from the NES era, but its serviceable and a bit interesting , it even got me to chuckle once or twice.th8YNL7VRC



If your looking for an adventure/action game thats not Zelda, or want to play a great title that will keep you hooked for a few hours, Blaster Master Zero is what you want to pick up. Its almost like a love letter to 8 bit classics, you can see Mario, Metroid, Konami games, even a bit of Megaman. Dont pass it up if your a switch owner.


The good: Play the version of blaster master you’ve always wanted

The bad: bosses are too easy, Jasons weapon mechanics

The ugly: All this trouble for a frog?!




Ok fine, i admit it, im not a big racing fan. I’ve played a few Mariokarts, some F-zero’s, Extreme g’s, and various open world games where you get to drive vehicles. But Over all, racing only games are not something i normally go looking for. That being said the idea of something like fast racing neo sparked my intrest when i first heard about it for the wiiu, a gorgeous looking game where it seems like you move at the speed of light, and its cheap? sign me up! Sadly, i never did pick it up for the wiiu, so i was even more enthused when i heard it was coming on the switch as FAST RMX with improved graphics and all the dlc content added, all this for 20.00 dollars is a great deal, but is it worth your time? Yes, and lets look into why.

Graphics will not look any less impressive when using splitscreen

Fast RMX has fantastic visuals, i would even go as far to say that its the best looking game on the Switch, besides breath of the wild. The vehicles have a sharp and futuristic look to them, and although theres not much varience between them, i never really thought they looked out of place. The scenery on the 30 diffrent tracks are stunning and have similar appeal that mariokart had, in the sense that i found myself replaying certain tracks over and over because of how gorgeous they were.  They are varied as well, from lush tropical jungles to space stations to Ice floes on giant glaciers. They really are fun and diverse.  The smooth gameplay comes in at 1080p and 60fps in the switches docked mode, and stays at 60fps even during 4 player split screen(which by the way this game has.) It is the most technically achieved game on the switch yet.


As the title implies, its all about speed in Fast RMX. Racing is blindingly fast especially on harder modes, the game has three, novice, advanced and expert, you unlock advanced and expert as you complete races in 1st or 2nd place. You also unlock new vehicles (15 in total)and  tracks this way. I cant stress how well they implemented the difficulty modes in this game. The harder the mode the faster you go, and while that might seem overwhelming to some, the game does a fantastic job of easing you in by starting you off in novice mode. By the time you’ve made it through all the tracks the first time, youll be ready to take on advanced, and by that point you welcome the challenge and thrill of going

RMX has some gorgeous weather effects

hundreds of miles faster then you were in the previous difficulty mode. The racing mechanics are very solid, i felt like I was always in control of my vehicle and the times that i crashed i felt like it was something i did wrong, well that is most of the time, the tracks do have some projectiles and obstructions that get thrown in the way, but after racing a track a few times, you can memorize where and how they will pop-up. The boost mechanic adds a lot of fun and depth, hitting multiple boosts is very satisfying as that’s when you’ll notice the screen start blurring due to the speed. its also worth to note that the HD rumble works very well with this game, youll feel every bump and crash.


The music in this game is very well done. If you like EDM at all, do yourself a favor and turn up the volume when playing this. The game has over 25 tracks that are mostly quite catchy and get your heart pumping. The sound effect get the job done but nothing that really stands out except for the voice over guy who does a great job and is the same one from the F-zero franchise.screenshot03


Even if your not a hardcore racing fan, there is a lot of fun to be had with FAST RMX. the incredible speed of the game might seem too much for some to overcome, but despite its blazing fast gameplay its very friendly to casuals. I also can t stress how much of a deal this is at 20.00. You will get hours upon hours of high speed racing through beatiful tracks and enviroments. I give FAST RMX a 9.0/10

The good: Speed, graphics,Control

The bad: no online co-op as of yet, some obstructions are a bit cheap

The ugly: some of those car designs

Legend of Zelda: Breath of the wild review

An astonishing Adventure

Once in a while a game comes around that completley knocks you on your feet and reminds you why videogames are so great. Whats strange to me is, i would have never expected it to be a zelda game. The thought alone is bizarre , we all expect every mainline zelda game to be really good, as i did with this one. But i have to be honest, i expected it to be “just another zelda.”

My favorite zelda game is the original legend of zelda for the NES. Link to the past on the SNES and Link awakening on the gameboy were amazing games, fantastic even. Ocarina of time was really on a HO Notha level. After that point, sadly, my hype for zelda started to decline. The series was stating to get comfy with its tried and true formula, as were its hardcore fans. Ive always thought zelda could be better, not that Skyward sword, Twilight princess and windwaker were bad games, just that at their core, they were still mimicking the same fomulaic approach. So why or even how would a game thats expected to be good, still blow away expectations as breath of the wild has? By breaking that mold, chewing it up, adding some acorns and mighty bannanas, throwing it in a pan over a fire, and making a monster of a game that absolutley no one expected to be this incredible.


The mastersword sits waiting for its rightful owner

The game runs fairly smooth with some slight fps drops in certain moments, never to the point where it interrupts gameplay. Despite being originally developed on the archaic and weak capability of the wiiu, Breath of the wilds graphics are absorbently stunning, every vista looks like a watercolor painting. The character models look great and feel like they fit the fantasy world perfectly. Enemies come in diffrent shapes and sizes, from small bat like keese, to hulking one eyed giant orge like beasts to even bigger enemies(wont spoil it for you) The wildlife in this game is beautiful to look at, even the smallest insect.


Running, jumping, fighting,climbing  in Breath of the wild is silky smooth, there is actually so many things and so many controls for link to learn that you might find yourself pressing the wrong button at times, so it does have somewhat of a learning curve, but never to the point where i got annoyed. Link can sprint or climb using his upgradable

Guardians are powerful enemies that you might want to think about before fighting.

stamina bar, a feature new to the series. Every weapon that link collects attacks diffrently, and there all fun  to use, some more than others (im looking at you boomerang.) You can make food and potions to help you on your quest, this part is actually a lot of fun, as you’ll want to collect as many ingredients: trees,plants,fruits, enemy drops(i mean the list goes on and on.) The abilities that you receive early in the game are also a blast to use, especially paired with the incredible physics engine of this game. its unlike anything you’ve ever played, it really is.


Music in this game is also unlike any other zelda game, where other zelda titles, there was always an overworld theme blasting, marching towards adventure no matter what you were doing.  This game makes you really feel your surroundings with its soundtrack, it lets the sounds of nature swoop in and take over at times, this mixed with the incredible

Various vistas are offered for you to explore.

scenery make for an audiovisual experience thats extremely satisfying. There are excellent tracks in this game, from the celtic sounding theme of hateno village to the jazzy sounds of the goron/valcano theme. There is also remade editions of old favorites. Overall there’s never been a zelda soundtrack with more emotion than in this game.


The legend of zelda has never been known for its story elements, that being said it has a decent tale told in a very intresting way. Ive been playing about 70 hours, and honestly have not focused too much on reaching the main story plot, that being said from what ive seen, its definitley a step up from previous iterations.



Did i think nintendo had it in them to make a game like this? Yes, did i expect it with breath of the wild? NO, but im sure glad they did. As many positive things i have to say about this game, i cant help to assert that you have to play this game to really understand and appreciate it. No review can really do it justice, after all even a “perfect score” does not mean a game is pefect,after all it is subjective material. I can however, recommend this game to the highest degree. I give The legend of Zelda: Breath of the wild a 10/10.

The good: True open word gameplay that gives you a sense of freedom

The bad: slight fps drops in high activity areas

The ugly: Moblin guts? really? eww…

By: Andy collazo aka nintendoandy



The force is strong with this one

The largest obstacle that federation force has is its expectation.
It can be hard to look at book, movie, or video game for its merits when its a sequel
or spinoff to a highly praised original. You might expect it to give you the same experience or impact. After all its been 9 years since the last Metroid prime, the series that revolutionized first person games, and the fans were clamoring for another go as Samus. Well, there going to have to wait a bit more, MP:FF has you playing the role of a Marine of the Galactic Federation, instead of exploring one large interconnected world, you are sent on 21 missions set on 3 different planets. You can tackle these alone, or play co-op using local play or form your team online with random players from around the w

Mods add special abilities to your mech

orld. As you play missions you build up points that earn you medals that unlock other missions and upgrades. You also find computer chips called MODS that you can use to add special abilities to your marines mech.

It certainly looks like a Metroid prime game, the first thing you will notice is the chibi art style character models, while they are initially off putting, i found that i got used to them rather quickly and actually work for a small screen 3ds game. The enemy models are what you would expect from a Metroid 3ds game, although i still think they could have  looked a bit better and more fluid. The level environments range from bland and small to large and scenic maps, with a couple of impressive views. The music is fine, nothing really bad, nothing really outstanding either.
The Game play is solid, you have your charging blaster much like samus did, and you also have the series familiar sub weapons such as missiles, fire and ice. You equip these before a mission and also find them during the levels scattered about. This adds a level of strategy as some weapons and items will be more useful then others, depending on the situation.  Your movement is a bit clunky, but that’s expected as your marine is always in a huge mech, so while it feels a bit slow, it does give you some freedom of movement such as an jet pack ands the ability to strafe while locking onto enemies.
originalThe level design is very good, missions range from escorting cargo through an electrical storm to protecting a large drill from a small army, to tip toeing through an enemy base without your mech and more. There are elements that can be repetitive at times, and some boss battles take too long, but overall it keeps things fresh and entertaining.
The one area that this game shines is its Multiplayer. I enjoyed playing the first ten missions or so in single player, but what really makes this game special is the online co-op, the game gives you preset messages that you can use to communicate with your squad, it also gives you a selection of sub weapons for each mission, so you can strategize and depending on your MODS, you can be a support or offense for the current mission, most will just pick up as many items as they can, but some use the messages and try to strategize. After the mission, all MODS that are found are distributed one at a time starting with the player that scored the most points. A satisfying way to distribute loot, and one other games should emulate.metroid-prime-federation-force-blast-ball.jpg.png
The other multiplayer aspect is Blast ball, a game where you and your team use your blasters to try to knock a giant ball into the opponents net. You can team with two others to play vs AI or human opponents. You can receive paint jobs or MODS for your mech by winning matches. Its a nice break from the missions and kept me interested for a good while.
Expectations can often hurt good experiences, Metroid prime FF is no where near ground breaking as the original trilogy, but it does offer a unique and fun experience that no other 3ds game can deliver.
Overall score 8.5/10
The good: Great Co-op, fun missions
The bad: Graphics can be a bit rough
The ugly: The first Metroid prime game in 9 years, and you don’t play as Samus.