Minecraft Switch info/comparison with docked and undocked mode

Some info from the Microsoft stream last week, switch will apperently run at 7 “chunks” of draw distace on portable mode, 12 on docked mode.

heres an example of 7 chunks 7 chuncks.jpg

and heres 12 chunks 12 chuncks.jpg

Noticibly better when its docked. It will also run at 60fps docked or undocked. also the wiiu data transfer will not be availible at launch but they are working on it.

Just for comparison on the PS4 and Xbox One, the render distance is 18 chunks
Switch Docked, the render distance is 12 chunks
PS3, Xbox 360 and Wii U, the render distance is 10 chunks
Switch Undocked, the render distance is 7 chunks
PS Vita, the render distance is 5 chunks

Heres another comparison of how large the world will be:qPr1Bwvl

pretty good if you ask me, Minecraft will be releasing on may 11th for 29.99.





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