Mr. shifty review

Get shifty faced

Mr shify was a welcomed surprise when they announced it in a nintendo direct as part of a line of indie games coming to the new nintendo switch. The concept  is simple, a beat em up with a light twist, you have teleporting powers. Think of nightcrawler from x-men. Although it’s a short game, overall its a blast to play, and ill tell you why.


Visuals are fine but nothing fantastic in mr shifty. The enviroments sort of look the same, i feel that even though it wouldnt have made a lot of sense in the real world, the developers could have capitalized on the “every floor is a diffrent level” idea and made them truly unique looking.

Use your teleportation powers to confuse your enemies

The character animations are smooth for the most part. The overhead locked camera does not really give you a chance to see any of the character models or textures up close. There are times when the action gets intense like when theres lots of explosions, shooting and teleporting. It’s in these moments where its almost pleasant to see all the chaos on one screen. The downside to that is thats also where Mr shifty gets a bit choppy, the fps drops are bad, and they happen often, hopefully tinybuild can fix this with an update.


Mr. shifty’s gameplay revolves around you teleporting around obstacles(doors, walls,columns) and enemies to gain the upperhand against them. Armed with nothing but your fists, you have to go against enemies with pistols, swords,machine guns, and even rocket launchers. You can pick up melee weapons along the way although most break after using them a few times(theres a certain weapon that dosent break, but i find its more of a bug then intentional).

There are times you have to strategize your moves

The game has you going up  Teleporting might seem simple but its surprisingly very fun to do. You have a gauge of sorts that limits the times you port, you can port up to five times in quick succession, although the gauge does refill slowly so if you time it well, you can keep porting without having to run out of them. If you do use all of them, your gauge takes a moment to completley refill(similar to legend of zelda breath of the wilds stamina). This game mechanic has you using your teleporting powers more strategically, if you try to spam them you will get in trouble fast. This is where tinybuild did a fantastic job in this game, the balance between choosing when to fight, port or run away feels great and gives you the freedom to plan an attack however you want to. The hd rumble is present although i didnt really notice it being fantastic. It does the job well and makes you feel every punch and explosion.


Mr shiftys sound effects are pretty good. Voice acting is absent, except for the grunts and screams from the enemies. The music is fine, nothing that stands out to me, a lot of rock themed music that fits quite well with the action.



Those looking for budget a fast paced action game should look no further. At 15.00 Mr shifty is quite a neat little game that should be played by those who own a switch and are looking for something to fill in the time between the big releases, however do not expect a incredibly polished game as it can be quite bland at times, and also has bad fps drops.


THE GOOD: fast paced action that’s fun

THE BAD: FPS drops are often and pretty bad

THE UGLY: enemy death animations look like their having seizures

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