Blaster Master Zero Review

Tank you very much

Time fly’s by when you’re having fun, no kidding. At the time of writing It’s been a full month since the Nintendo switch launched. And while Zelda breath if the wild is an amazing game, there’s only so much entertainment one game can give you. But what else is out there that’s worth the time? Fortunate for us switch owners, we were given a great little gem in Blaster Master Zero, a remake of a classic NES action/adventure game. This one came a bit unexpected, as we didn’t know about this game until just a couple if weeks before the switches launch. In blaster master zero you play as Jason Frudnick, a young robitic

Screenshot (21)
Jason has various weapons at his disposal

engineer who stumbles across a super robot tank named sofia 3. He has to use it to rid the world of a space mutant take over. You can exit sofia anytime and enter dungeons only meant for jason as you explore and fight on 8 varied levels and along the way earn powerups for you and Sofia 3.



The original blaster master was limited due to 8 bit graphics of the NES. They went with a 16 bit look for zero and it looks great. When you in your tank and in the over world, everything is in 2d. The animation of your tank, SOPHIA 3 is smooth and really pops out. When you enter a dungeon the camera angle changes to an overhead view a bit

Boss battles are pretty epic

reminiscent of games like link to the past and mystical ninja for the SNES. In this mode, Jasons sprite looks detailed but overall a bit more stiff then his tank counterpart. The enemy sprites look good, and the bosses look even better. Overall they did a fantastic job with the look of Zero.



Gameplay is centered around exploring the post apocalyptic earth as you search for upgrades for Sofia 3 and yourself. The game does a great job ofScreenshot (23) making you feel powerful while your in Sofia 3, but Jasons no slouch himself, his laser gun is able to use unique types of ammo, giving Jason an array of different weapons to wield. From a flame thrower to a shot gun, and more. The downside to this is that he can lose these weapons as he takes damage, but you can quickly recover them as you defeat enemies or find power ups. This can be a bit of a bummer if you have lost most of your weapons and have to exit the dungeon to replenish before taking on the boss, however the game is generous with its drops, so its not a problem i personally ran into a lot.  Its also worth to note that Jason can only use them while in a dungeon and while he can still attack outside its just a basic weapon, although with an awesome robotic tank, you wont need it much.  The movement of freedom from upgrading Sofia 3 is fantastic and makes it a blast to just zoom around.

You might find a lot of familiarity with other NES games

You also find different primary and sub weapons, these make killing enemies a lot easier and in turn a lot of fun. Bosses are plentiful in this game for both the outside and dungeon modes.  I will say i found that they could have made the bosses a bit more challenging as i found myself tearing through them.



I found the music to be incredibly catchy and well done, the original blaster master was lauded for its soundtrack and Inti Creates did a great job of remixing the tracks and giving them life again. The sound effects are fine, nothing that really stands out, but nothing bad either.



Yes, this game actually has a story, albeit it a shallow and short one, but the game itself is short. I don’t expect much of a story for these types of games coming from the NES era, but its serviceable and a bit interesting , it even got me to chuckle once or twice.th8YNL7VRC



If your looking for an adventure/action game thats not Zelda, or want to play a great title that will keep you hooked for a few hours, Blaster Master Zero is what you want to pick up. Its almost like a love letter to 8 bit classics, you can see Mario, Metroid, Konami games, even a bit of Megaman. Dont pass it up if your a switch owner.


The good: Play the version of blaster master you’ve always wanted

The bad: bosses are too easy, Jasons weapon mechanics

The ugly: All this trouble for a frog?!


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