Ok fine, i admit it, im not a big racing fan. I’ve played a few Mariokarts, some F-zero’s, Extreme g’s, and various open world games where you get to drive vehicles. But Over all, racing only games are not something i normally go looking for. That being said the idea of something like fast racing neo sparked my intrest when i first heard about it for the wiiu, a gorgeous looking game where it seems like you move at the speed of light, and its cheap? sign me up! Sadly, i never did pick it up for the wiiu, so i was even more enthused when i heard it was coming on the switch as FAST RMX with improved graphics and all the dlc content added, all this for 20.00 dollars is a great deal, but is it worth your time? Yes, and lets look into why.

Graphics will not look any less impressive when using splitscreen

Fast RMX has fantastic visuals, i would even go as far to say that its the best looking game on the Switch, besides breath of the wild. The vehicles have a sharp and futuristic look to them, and although theres not much varience between them, i never really thought they looked out of place. The scenery on the 30 diffrent tracks are stunning and have similar appeal that mariokart had, in the sense that i found myself replaying certain tracks over and over because of how gorgeous they were.  They are varied as well, from lush tropical jungles to space stations to Ice floes on giant glaciers. They really are fun and diverse.  The smooth gameplay comes in at 1080p and 60fps in the switches docked mode, and stays at 60fps even during 4 player split screen(which by the way this game has.) It is the most technically achieved game on the switch yet.


As the title implies, its all about speed in Fast RMX. Racing is blindingly fast especially on harder modes, the game has three, novice, advanced and expert, you unlock advanced and expert as you complete races in 1st or 2nd place. You also unlock new vehicles (15 in total)and  tracks this way. I cant stress how well they implemented the difficulty modes in this game. The harder the mode the faster you go, and while that might seem overwhelming to some, the game does a fantastic job of easing you in by starting you off in novice mode. By the time you’ve made it through all the tracks the first time, youll be ready to take on advanced, and by that point you welcome the challenge and thrill of going

RMX has some gorgeous weather effects

hundreds of miles faster then you were in the previous difficulty mode. The racing mechanics are very solid, i felt like I was always in control of my vehicle and the times that i crashed i felt like it was something i did wrong, well that is most of the time, the tracks do have some projectiles and obstructions that get thrown in the way, but after racing a track a few times, you can memorize where and how they will pop-up. The boost mechanic adds a lot of fun and depth, hitting multiple boosts is very satisfying as that’s when you’ll notice the screen start blurring due to the speed. its also worth to note that the HD rumble works very well with this game, youll feel every bump and crash.


The music in this game is very well done. If you like EDM at all, do yourself a favor and turn up the volume when playing this. The game has over 25 tracks that are mostly quite catchy and get your heart pumping. The sound effect get the job done but nothing that really stands out except for the voice over guy who does a great job and is the same one from the F-zero franchise.screenshot03


Even if your not a hardcore racing fan, there is a lot of fun to be had with FAST RMX. the incredible speed of the game might seem too much for some to overcome, but despite its blazing fast gameplay its very friendly to casuals. I also can t stress how much of a deal this is at 20.00. You will get hours upon hours of high speed racing through beatiful tracks and enviroments. I give FAST RMX a 9.0/10

The good: Speed, graphics,Control

The bad: no online co-op as of yet, some obstructions are a bit cheap

The ugly: some of those car designs

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