Despite criticism 50 million downloads for super mario run

Say what you will about the first official nintendo game for mobile devices, but Super mario run its on its way to becoming one of the most downloaded games for mobile devices. All this while only being available on apple products. super mario tun has hit 50 million downloads. Although the game is free it only lets you play the first three levels before hitting you with a paywall of 10.00 to play the rest if th

Nintendo stocks fell after the release of super Mario run.

e game.



This made reviewers unaware of the paywall give it pretty bad reviews, currently 2 and a half stars on the app store.  It was downloaded more than 10 million times its first day.Nintendos stock dropped as shareholders werent happy with the way nintenfo charged for it.

Despite all the negativity surrounding it, you cant argue one thing, mario is still one of the of not biggest brand in gaming and 50 million downloads in one weeks time proves it.


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