Japan: Pokémon Sun and Moon sell 1.89 million in first three days

The long anticipated Pokémon sun and moon is finally here. In the first three days its sold 1.89 million copies in japan alone. This is counting over 150k dual packs that came with both versions as two copies sold. Its also The most pre-ordered game in 5 years according to gamestop. Its fair to say that this has been a huge success for Nintendo, although some may say that its not quite as successful because of it selling less in its first weekend than the previous generation did. I would wait until we see what its done worldwide before jumping to conclusions. It might just have more legs than X and Y did even with the apparent leak that the current Pokémon  will rerelease in hd on the Nintendo switch.


Sun and moon have something X and Y didn’t: the momentum of the phenomenon known as Pokémon go.

Despite it dropping off since its release, Pokémon Go is still one of the more popular apps at the moment.

Its broken Guinness world records, and has been downloaded more than 500 million times. Now this obviously wont translate to all those people now picking up a 3ds, but, as the Pokémon company keeps updating Pokémon go, and people keep playing it, they might just slowly trickle over to see what this sun and moon thing is all about.


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