Pokémon sun and moon to ship 10 million units worldwide/New anime trailer!

Pokémon sun and moon are here and Nintendo plans on making it one of the most successful launches they’ve ever had. 4gamer.net  is reporting that Nintendo has shipped 10 million units worldwide, this would make it the largest launch of any Nintendo game, and that’s saying a lot. Now this dosent mean it will sell all 10 million units right away, but if the previous games are any indication to how many units it will sell, it will surpass them fairly quickly.

The last new Pokémon series was X and Y and it sold 15.6 million lifetime, selling 4 million units in its first weekend. With all the success and attention that pokemon go has had, Sun and moon should blow those numbers out of the water.

The new trailer to pokemon sun and moon the series is here!


Keep it here at thinknintendo.com for more news previews and giveaways.


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