Nintendo shipping 2 million Switch units in March

We don’t know when exactly in march the switch is being released, right now I have it listed March 10th, as to me, it makes the most sense, being its Mario day and it falls on a Friday. One thing we can be sure of is Nintendo is not taking any chances on failing to properly supply its Brand spanking new console.

In Nintendo’s earnings report today, they announced they will be shipping 2 million units worldwide for the fiscal quarter(ending in march.) It could be for the aforementioned date of march 10, but It can also be later in the month, we don’t know. But can Nintendo sell 2 million consoles in just a couple weeks or even a few days?


For comparison, the Wii sold 3.19 million units in its first quarter(all within a month.) The 3ds sold 3.61 million units in its first quarter, and the WiiU sold 3.06 units in its first quarter. Currently the Switch reveal commercial is the highest viewed Nintendo video on YouTube, and hit #1 trending over its first couple of days, so they definitely have everyone’s attention, now its up to the consumer to respond with their wallets.

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