The force is strong with this one

The largest obstacle that federation force has is its expectation.
It can be hard to look at book, movie, or video game for its merits when its a sequel
or spinoff to a highly praised original. You might expect it to give you the same experience or impact. After all its been 9 years since the last Metroid prime, the series that revolutionized first person games, and the fans were clamoring for another go as Samus. Well, there going to have to wait a bit more, MP:FF has you playing the role of a Marine of the Galactic Federation, instead of exploring one large interconnected world, you are sent on 21 missions set on 3 different planets. You can tackle these alone, or play co-op using local play or form your team online with random players from around the w

Mods add special abilities to your mech

orld. As you play missions you build up points that earn you medals that unlock other missions and upgrades. You also find computer chips called MODS that you can use to add special abilities to your marines mech.

It certainly looks like a Metroid prime game, the first thing you will notice is the chibi art style character models, while they are initially off putting, i found that i got used to them rather quickly and actually work for a small screen 3ds game. The enemy models are what you would expect from a Metroid 3ds game, although i still think they could have  looked a bit better and more fluid. The level environments range from bland and small to large and scenic maps, with a couple of impressive views. The music is fine, nothing really bad, nothing really outstanding either.
The Game play is solid, you have your charging blaster much like samus did, and you also have the series familiar sub weapons such as missiles, fire and ice. You equip these before a mission and also find them during the levels scattered about. This adds a level of strategy as some weapons and items will be more useful then others, depending on the situation.  Your movement is a bit clunky, but that’s expected as your marine is always in a huge mech, so while it feels a bit slow, it does give you some freedom of movement such as an jet pack ands the ability to strafe while locking onto enemies.
originalThe level design is very good, missions range from escorting cargo through an electrical storm to protecting a large drill from a small army, to tip toeing through an enemy base without your mech and more. There are elements that can be repetitive at times, and some boss battles take too long, but overall it keeps things fresh and entertaining.
The one area that this game shines is its Multiplayer. I enjoyed playing the first ten missions or so in single player, but what really makes this game special is the online co-op, the game gives you preset messages that you can use to communicate with your squad, it also gives you a selection of sub weapons for each mission, so you can strategize and depending on your MODS, you can be a support or offense for the current mission, most will just pick up as many items as they can, but some use the messages and try to strategize. After the mission, all MODS that are found are distributed one at a time starting with the player that scored the most points. A satisfying way to distribute loot, and one other games should emulate.metroid-prime-federation-force-blast-ball.jpg.png
The other multiplayer aspect is Blast ball, a game where you and your team use your blasters to try to knock a giant ball into the opponents net. You can team with two others to play vs AI or human opponents. You can receive paint jobs or MODS for your mech by winning matches. Its a nice break from the missions and kept me interested for a good while.
Expectations can often hurt good experiences, Metroid prime FF is no where near ground breaking as the original trilogy, but it does offer a unique and fun experience that no other 3ds game can deliver.
Overall score 8.5/10
The good: Great Co-op, fun missions
The bad: Graphics can be a bit rough
The ugly: The first Metroid prime game in 9 years, and you don’t play as Samus.

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